Friends of the GPL

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Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Greenfield Public Library are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the library by focusing public attention on the library's services, facilities, and needs, and by stimulating gifts to the library of books, endowments and bequests. There are currently over 800 members. Each dues-paying member is allotted a vote at the Friends' annual meeting held in September. A Friends Board, elected by the membership, meets monthly and oversees ongoing projects.

You can become a member of the Friends by sending a donation in any amount to:

Friends of the Greenfield Public Library
402 Main Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

What do the Friends do?
The Friends provide funds for virtually all library programming, including films, book discussions, story hours, writing workshops, and summer reading programs, all of which are free.

Friends provide membership passes to area museums, allowing families to visit them either free or at a reduced charge.

Friends purchase special items for the library, including a new children's circulation desk, new reading chairs in both the adult and children's rooms, as well as a renovation of the library's meeting room. The Friends also support the Homebound Delivery Program and pay for special book purchases to enrich the library's collection.

Friends are responsible for the beautiful gardens and landscaping of the library grounds. They also run the annual Poet's Seat Poetry Contest.

The Friends' newsletter, Notes from the Friends of the Greenfield Public Library, reports on recent activities, and is published four times a year.

Funding for the Friends comes from the annual membership campaign and semi-annual book sales, various raffles, and a major annual fundraising event. A permanent bookcase located near the library entrance doors provides on-going sales of books and other Friends items.

Roma Hansis
Cyndie Rothschild

Ellen Berson
Doni Beauregard
Ruth Bellows
Bill Buchanan
Nancy Buchanan
Dennis Finnell
Richard Gordon
Jenny Hall
Lorraine Johnson
Karen Larabee
Don McLeod
Susan Platt
Cindy Pomeroy
Steve Roberto
Rachel Roberts
Clarita Schaffer
Hope Schneider
Terry Ruggles

Associate Members
Ann Dillon
Cynthia McNeilly
Douglas Reid
Marianne Snow

Martha Greene
Irmarie Jones
Lynne Rudie
Connie Towler