402 Main Street Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301

Author Talk — Eric Rieseberg and Helen Noble
Author event at GPL 7/24 at 6pm



Time: 6pm

Date/Days: Tuesday, July 24

Location: Greenfield Room, Greenfield Public Library

Authors Eric Rieseberg and Helen Noble will read from and talk about their books at the Greenfield Public Library on Tuesday, July 24 starting at 6pm.  Please join us for what should be an enjoyable, interesting, and informative evening!

Heroes Alongside Us by Eric Reiseberg

In high school Eric Rieseberg’s parents were advised their son should pursue a trade rather than go to college. Eight years later at the age of 26 he was the youngest hospital CEO in the country… How, Eric sums it up in just one word… heroes!

Rieseberg’s “Heroes Alongside Us” is a tribute to the men who were the key to his and many others success in life. The book defines what success is, how to achieve it, and the rewards of that achievement. The book also outlines the characteristics of “heroes”, how they became heroes, and how you can become a hero and mentor to those who need that guidance.

25,000 Seeds:  Where Love Grows by Helen Noble

Coming from Palm Beach, Claire Patterson takes a consulting project in an Ohio farming community. She can handle this; it’s business as usual. Stepping way out of her comfort zone, she finds that fewer distractions in the rural region leaves her with more free time than she’s had in years. The new environment, new people and an unexpected romance lead to the type of introspection Claire would not have dared before, creating a remarkable shift in her life.  Claire’s desire for more in her future first takes her back over her past — to letting go in order to make room for something new. We’ve heard it said and it’s true…the universe abhors a vacuum, and without fail the universe steps in, arranging, growing, and cultivating the seeds – her desires – that were planted before she even got there.