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First Wednesday Speaker Series: Service Dogs & Invisible Disabilities
1st Wednesday 1/2/19 woman with dog



Time: 6pm

Date/Days: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Location: LeVanway Meeting Room

Service Dogs & Invisible Disabilities: Redefining the Role of the Human-Canine Relationship

Why have service dogs become increasingly popular in recent years? Why do people who aren’t visibly disabled have service dogs? Sarah Meikle will explore the new and innovative ways that service dogs are helping with an increasing array of conditions and learn about how they are helping ‘disabled’ individuals become ‘differently abled’ and live fuller, safer, happier lives.

Smith College alumni Sarah Meikle is the Founder and Executive Director of Diggity Dogs Service Dogs, a non-profit organization dedicated to training medical alert, psychiatric, and mobility assistance service dogs for disabled individuals