Building Project

Want to see what the library will look like when completed? It's not exact, but check out this walkthrough from our architect, Johnson Roberts Associates!

Please feel free to send us your feedback about the project. All submissions will be forwarded to the Building Committee. We thank you for any and all input about the project!

Greetings Residents and Visitors to Greenfield,

The progress on the Library is now visible to all who walk by the site. The Structural Steel is 99% complete with minor punch-lists on-going to complete this task. The concrete floors on both levels are now completed. These where both monolithic pours of 230 cubic yards of concrete. The finishers did their best to complete their work by 7:00 PM but we are at the whims of the physical science of concrete curing. Our sincerest apologies if the late work was intrusive to anyone’s evening.

Have you ever wondered how they pour concrete on the second floor of a building? The video below shows a concrete pump truck! (Alert all truck loving children and adults!)

Moving forward, the site work continues with the sewer connections, man-hole structures and site drainage system 100% installed. We are working on the placement of catch basin structures that will feed the drainage system. The construction of new retaining walls in the northwest corner of the site will begin in early May. This will allow for the final grading of the parking areas with all underground utilities to be completed by the end of May.

The roof material and insulation has arrived and is stocked on the roof of the structure. Before the roofers can begin their work, the parapet will need to be constructed. This work is on-going and will continue through April. Once completed, the roof will then be installed!!

The carpenters have begun the process of installing the exterior light gage framing. This framing will start on the Post Office side so that when completed the masons can begin the process of laying the finish veneer of the East side of the building.

Remember, the building will look goofy for a while, please withhold judgement until finishing touches are complete.


What is the roof made of?

The roof is a combination of three systems. The first system is the Insulation. The insulation is polyisocyanurate rigid board. The second system is on the monitors (Sloped light wells that hold Photo Voltaic Panels) is a heavy asphalt shingle system similar to the average home. The last system is on all the flat roofs and it is known as a TPO system. TPO Stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. It is similar to a PVC roof without the harmful chemical chlorine.

Building Project

Here are demo photos of the new building

Library Hours

GPL is open at the following times:

  • Monday-Wednesday from 9:30am-6pm
  • Thursday-Friday from 9:30am-5pm
  • Saturday from 9:30am-2pm

Call or email us with any questions you may have.


  • Circulation Desk: 413-772-1544, option 4
  • Children’s Room: 413-772-1544, option 5
  • Information Services: 413-772-1544, option 6


  • Greenfield Public Library
  • 402 Main Street
  • Greenfield, MA 01301


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