What's Wrong With My House Plant?

What's Wrong With My House Plant?

Thursday, May 4, 2:00 pm

As with our outdoor gardens, many things can go wrong when you grow plants indoors. Learn the factors that make for happy houseplants, including light, water, and soil...and how to provide them. Common houseplant pests and diseases are also on the agenda, as well as how to treat them. Led by Bonnie Power, a Massachusetts Master Gardener since 2016 and a serious outdoor/indoor gardener most of her life. Curious and research-oriented by nature, she has many horticultural interests and areas of expertise. Bonnie holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Zoology, which informs her perspective on the management of garden insects; she is also an administrator for a “sick houseplant” group on Facebook. She spent the past year as manager of the MMGA Soil pH Testing team and while she has passed this on to a new manager, she continues as a member of the team. Bonnie also volunteers at Garden in the Woods, a Native Plant Trust botanical garden in Framingham, where she is a guide. She learned to grow vegetables as a child from her father, and flowers and houseplants from her mother. At home in Marlborough, Bonnie grows a variety of vegetables and ornamentals (with a bias for natives).

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