Singing Frogs with the Mass Audubon

Singing Frogs with the Mass Audubon

Thursday, May 18, 2:00 pm

One sure sign of spring is the sound of singing frogs. Why do frogs sing, and how can we identify their calls? Frogs can be very sensitive to pollution and climate change and can be a strong indicator of how healthy an environment is. Learn the different frogs found in Massachusetts, as well as how to identify them by their calls. Wrap up with information on “Frogwatch," a community science project in which individuals can monitor populations by documenting their sounds. Led by Alex Dohan, Statewide Education Department Coordinator at Mass Audubon.

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Sponsored by the Friends of the Tewksbury Public Library and the Friends of the Greenfield Public Library.

NOTE: This program will be recorded. All registrants will receive the recording via email within 24 hours of the program.

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