Local Authors at the GPL - Jon Huer

Local Authors at the GPL - Jon Huer

Thursday, November 30, 3:00 pm
412 Main Street, Greenfield, MA - Community Meeting Room

The Greenfield Public Library welcomes local author Jon Huer to discuss his new book The Green Palmers Chronicle.

Huer’s novel is a story of evil that plays an integral role in a small town’s transformation from a
peaceful place to a terrifyingly selfish and corrupt town, only to be saved by the courage and
honesty of a boy, Michael Brown, who draws his strength from the motto “Liberty and Justice
for All.” In this allegorical tale of how America itself has lost its innocence, the town is saved
from the Green Palm Way of Life by the young hero, but the shadow of evil lingers on in the
reader’s mind long after the story is over.

Jon Huer, a retired Professor of Sociology, has written over a dozen books of social criticism in
the tradition of Thorstein Veblen and C. Wright Mills. His books include The Wages of Sin,
Tenure for Socrates, Call from the Cave, American Paradise,
and The Dead End, which TIME
called “an important and often brilliant book.” Jon Huer, a Greenfield resident, is a regular
columnist for the Greenfield Recorder.

This program is free and open to the public.

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