402 Main Street Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301

Gifts and Donations

Monetary Donations:

Monetary gifts are frequently made to the Library and are gratefully accepted. Checks may be made out to the Town of Greenfield and will be placed in a special Gift Account specifically and solely for the use of the Library. The donor need not specify a specific purpose for the gift.

Many people choose to donate money for books in memory of, or in honor of, an individual. These gifts are also welcomed. The donor is free to suggest the subject matter, particularly as it relates to the individual being honored, and the Library staff will take those suggestions into careful consideration when they select and purchase the material in accordance with the Library’s Collection Management Plan. A memorial bookplate will be placed in these items.

Gifts of Books and Materials:

The Greenfield Public Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials. Gifts of materials are accepted with the understanding that the Library will evaluate the item in accordance with the criteria used for the evaluation of purchased materials as set forth in the Collection Management Plan.

Not all gifts will be added to the collection. Gift items in good condition which are not added to the collection are made available to the Friends of the Greenfield Public Library for their book sales. Neither the Library nor the Friends accept magazines; textbooks; or items that are worn, dirty, torn, or have mildew.

Gift subscriptions for periodicals will be evaluated in accordance with the Collection Management Plan. Additionally, they can only be accepted if the donor agrees to offer the subscription for one year. Gift materials requiring continuing obligations on the part of the Library will not be accepted unless the Library decides that it has the ability to keep the materials up-to-date.

Upon acceptance, all gifts and donations are the exclusive property of the Greenfield Public Library and become subject to all library policies and procedures. The Library cannot guarantee that items donated will be kept permanently.

All gift materials added to the library will be placed in the regular library collection. No special locations, labels, or signs will be created for any gift items.

Gifts will be withdrawn from the collection in the same manner as purchased materials. The Library does not accept responsibility for notifying donors of withdrawals or replacements of gift items.

Upon request, the Library will give a receipt specifying the number of donated materials and the date of the donation. The Library will not, however, assign a monetary value to the donated materials for tax purposes.

Adopted by the Greenfield Public Library Board of Trustees
June 8, 1999; Revised April 13, 2004