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Meeting Room Policies and Usage


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The Greenfield Public Library makes both its Harold LeVanway and Greenfield Meeting Rooms available for Library programs, Greenfield government/civic group meetings, and groups from the larger community to offer programs and hold meetings in Greenfield.

The Meeting Room is made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting its use. Permission to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute or imply endorsement of the users’ policies, beliefs or programs by the Library staff or Board of Trustees.

Library programs have priority in scheduling events for the Meeting Rooms. The Meeting Rooms may be reserved by agencies and officials of town, state or federal governments. Other interested groups or individuals may schedule use of the room on a first-come, first-served basis. Under Greenfield Public Library policies, the Meeting Rooms may be available at no charge to the user or for a small charge. Proceeds from charges collected for use of the Meeting Rooms will be used to offset building maintenance costs. Users of the Meeting Rooms may also make donations for this purpose.

Guidelines for availability and conditions for using the Meeting Rooms are set by the Board of Trustees, and final determination of use rests with the Board of Trustees. If the Board and/or the Library Director as their designee, in consultation with the Greenfield Police Department, decides that the presence of a police officer is advisable, the group using the facilities will be required to hire one (or more) at its own expense.

The Meeting Rooms will be booked with preference given to Library and Friends of the Library programs. When not required for Library sponsored programs, the Room may be reserved by other organizations or groups.

To Request A Meeting Room

1. Reservations can be made at the Circulation Desk during regular Library hours.

2. The Meeting Room may be booked up to 3 months or 3 events in advance. We cannot accept bookings beyond the 3-month/3-event period to allow flexibility in the arrangement of Library programs.

3. Reservations will be confirmed after the Library receives a completed and signed Registration Form and payment (if required). The signer of the Registration Form will be responsible for any damages to the facilities. The signer will also be responsible for clean-up charges assessed in cases of unusual wear and tear on the Room.

4. Reservations must include the name, address, and phone number of a contact person for the group. The contact person is required to notify the Library as soon as possible if there is a cancellation or change in schedule. Refunds (if applicable) will be made only with this advanced notice. Failure to cancel or appear for a reservation may result in forfeiture of Room use privileges.

5. People aged 17 and under may not reserve the Meeting Room, and attendees aged 17 and under must be supervised by an adult who assumes responsibility for the event held in the Meeting Room.

6. Reservation of the Meeting Room is not transferable.

7. Each applicant will receive a copy of this Policy.

8. Applications for Room reservations may be made in person, by fax, or by mail.

9. All reservations are assumed to be for 2 hours unless otherwise arranged for at the time of rental. Reservations lasting longer than 2 hours may be subject to an additional prorated charge at the discretion of the Library Staff or Library Trustees.

10. Requests to waive Room rental fees should be addressed to the Board of Trustees for consideration.


Attendance at programs is limited to 50 persons, per the Greenfield Building Inspector.

It is the basic policy of the Board of Library Trustees that a scheduled employee of the Library must be in the building when meetings are being held and will be responsible for securing the facility when the public has left. The Meeting Room is generally limited to use during regular Library hours. All meetings must end 15 minutes before the Library closes. Meeting Room use will not be scheduled on Sundays or on other days when the library has announced closings. Special prior arrangements must be made with the Library Director to plan a meeting during a time when the Library is closed.

A television, VCR, overhead projector and screen are available for use. The rental fee for each piece of equipment is $5.00 per Meeting Room registration. Please check in advance to ensure availability.

Light refreshments may be served, with prior approval from the Adult Services Librarian. Cups, utensils, cream, sugar, or other equipment and supplies will be the responsibility of the group. There will be no cooking or food preparation on site; dishwashing facilities are not available. The group will be responsible for cleaning the kitchenette and removing all garbage and trash at the end of the meeting.

There are no custodial services. Tables and chairs must be set up and taken down by the group. Special arrangements for custodial assistance may be requested in advance through the Library Director.

The room must be left in orderly condition. Tables must be covered to protect from glue, paint or other materials that could mark the furniture. No tape or tacks may be used on the walls. Any damage resulting from the meeting will be the financial responsibility of the group using the Room. The group will be responsible for removing all garbage and trash at the end of the meeting.

No signs for events in the Meeting Room will be permitted outside on the grounds of the Library, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Trustees.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library building, including the Meeting Room. No open flames are permitted in the Library, per Fire Department regulations.

The use of alcohol is not permitted in the Meeting Room without special written permission of the Board of Trustees, the Mayor’s Office, and in accordance with Greenfield city bylaws and insurance liability requirements.

Groups sponsoring events are totally responsible for liability of the participants, both active participants and the audience, in any program on Library property. The Library reserves the right to require individuals or groups wishing to use the Meeting Room to show proof of liability insurance. The Library, its employees, the Mayor’s Office and the City of Greenfield are not responsible for damage to people or property that occurs on Library premises.

The use of the Meeting Room for the conduct of illegal activity is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate loss of Meeting Room privileges.
The Library will refuse space to individuals or organizations that have previously failed to comply with stated conditions for use. This includes, but is not limited to, failure to allow staff to follow normal closing procedures, excessive noise leading to complaints by other library users, or failure to clean up after a presentation. The Library reserves the right to turn over delinquent accounts for nonpayment of rental and cleanup fees to a collection agency if a request for payment from the Library is not met within 20 days.

The Library Director has the authority to interpret the Greenfield Public Library’s Meeting Room policy. Disputes or questions about the meaning of the Meeting Room policy statement will be submitted to the Library Board of Trustees for their consideration.


1. All events planned for the Library’s Meeting Room will be cancelled in the event weather forces the closure of the Library. It is the responsibility of organizations and individuals reserving space in the Library to find out if the Library has been closed due to weather.

2. If the Library remains open during a weather event, sponsoring organizations and individuals will be responsible for rental charges even if they elect to cancel their event.

3. For rescheduling, the sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting Library Staff on the next day the Library is open. If a satisfactory time is not available, all fees will be refunded.